Det.3, HHC, 29th ID Holiday Party
December 1, 2007

Members from Detachment 3, Headquarters/Headquarters Company,
29th Infantry Division, Laurel Armory, and their families,
came to Disney Bell Post 66, which hosted the event, to enjoy a holiday banquet
 that also welcomed home members returning from duty overseas.

dsc01084.jpg dsc01085.jpg dsc01087.jpg dsc01088.jpg dsc01089.jpg
dsc01092.jpg dsc01093.jpg dsc01094.jpg dsc01095.jpg dsc01097.jpg
dsc01098.jpg dsc01099.jpg dsc01101.jpg dsc01102.jpg dsc01104.jpg
dsc01106.jpg dsc01107.jpg dsc01108.jpg dsc01109.jpg dsc01110.jpg
dsc01113.jpg dsc01115.jpg dsc01116.jpg dsc01117.jpg dsc01118.jpg

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