Annual July 4th Picnic
July 4, 2008

We celebrated the Independence of our Country today in our new pavilion.
We had a D.J. for the event (a first ever!), the normal feast of holiday food,
and kids' games and face painting. A great day for sharing with family and friends.

dsc01904.jpg dsc01905.jpg dsc01908.jpg dsc01909.jpg dsc01910.jpg
dsc01913.jpg dsc01915.jpg dsc01917.jpg dsc01919.jpg dsc01920.jpg
dsc01921.jpg dsc01923.jpg dsc01925.jpg dsc01927.jpg dsc01931.jpg
dsc01932.jpg dsc01935.jpg dsc01936.jpg dsc01937.jpg dsc01938.jpg
dsc01939.jpg dsc01940.jpg dsc01942.jpg dsc01943b.jpg dsc01943c.jpg

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