Children's Halloween Party
October 25, 2008

Despite a dark, dreary, rainy day and night, we had a GREAT turnout
and time at the Annual Children's Halloween Party.
We had about 75 kids (younger ones, not counting the BIG kids!)
at our festive event. Games, food, and scares all night long!

dscn0931.jpg dscn0933.jpg dscn0934.jpg dscn0935.jpg dscn0936.jpg
dscn0937.jpg dscn0938.jpg dscn0939.jpg dscn0941.jpg dscn0943.jpg
dscn0944.jpg dscn0946.jpg dscn0948.jpg dscn0949.jpg dscn0951.jpg
dscn0952.jpg dscn0953.jpg dscn0955.jpg dscn0956.jpg dscn0957.jpg
dscn0961.jpg dscn0962.jpg dscn0963.jpg dscn0966.jpg dscn0967.jpg

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