New Year's Eve Party
December 31, 2008

WOW! What a party. Lots of food for the pot luck, followed by dancing,
and lots of party favors to "ring in" the new year.

100_0594.jpg 100_0596.jpg 100_0598.jpg 100_0602.jpg dscn0010.jpg
dscn0012.jpg dscn0013.jpg dscn0014.jpg dscn0016.jpg dscn0017.jpg
dscn0020.jpg dscn0022.jpg dscn0023.jpg dscn0024.jpg dscn0025.jpg
dscn0031.jpg dscn0034.jpg dscn0035.jpg dscn0036.jpg dscn0040.jpg
dscn0041.jpg dscn0046.jpg dscn0048.jpg dscn0049.jpg dscn0051.jpg

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