224th ASMC Homecoming
February 11, 2009

Finally! After 11 long months, the 224th Area Support Medical Company, Laurel, came home from Iraq.
Post members helped decorate the Armory, hand out flags, and yellow roses,
and were on hand to welcome them home with their families.
The American Legion Riders were at the Airport for the first line of welcome
and to provide a motorcycle escort from the Airport to the Armory.

dsc02272.jpg dsc02272-1.jpg dsc02272-2.jpg dsc02272-3.jpg dsc02273.jpg
dsc02274.jpg dsc02282.jpg dsc02284.jpg dsc02284-1.jpg dsc02288.jpg
dsc02298.jpg dsc02301.jpg dsc02303.jpg dsc02305.jpg dsc02307.jpg
dsc02309.jpg dsc02311.jpg dsc02312.jpg dsc02313.jpg dsc02315.jpg
dsc02321.jpg dsc02324.jpg dsc02325.jpg dsc02326.jpg dsc02328.jpg

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