Children's Easter Egg Hunt
April 11, 2009

We started a new tradition this year! An Easter egg hunt for the children of Post members.
Bunches of the kids and their families came out for the festivities.

dscn0228.jpg dscn0228-1.jpg dscn0228-2.jpg dscn0228-3.jpg dscn0229.jpg
dscn0233.jpg dscn0236.jpg dscn0244.jpg dscn0259.jpg dscn0262.jpg
dscn0264.jpg dscn0270.jpg dscn0272.jpg dscn0273.jpg dscn0276.jpg
dscn0280.jpg dscn0295.jpg dscn0298.jpg dscn0299.jpg dscn0304.jpg
dscn0309.jpg dscn0310.jpg dscn0311.jpg dscn0312.jpg dscn0313.jpg

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