ALR in Rolling Thunder
May 24, 2009

Members of the American Legion Riders participated in this year's Rolling Thunder
to honor and bring attention to the plight of the P.O.W.'s and M.I.A.'s
from wars and conflicts in which our Country has fought.

003.jpg 004.jpg 004-1.jpg 004-2.jpg 011.jpg
hpim1678.jpg hpim1679.jpg hpim1682.jpg hpim1683.jpg hpim1684.jpg
hpim1689.jpg hpim1709.jpg rolliing thunder 09-5.jpg rolling thunder 09-2.jpg rolling thunder 09-3.jpg
rolling thunder 09-4.jpg rt2009 002.jpg rt2009 003.jpg rt2009 004.jpg rt2009 024.jpg


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