American Legion Legacy Scholarship Run
August 2009

Several members of our American Legion Riders took part in this year's
American Legion Legacy Scholarship Run.  They rode their motorcycles from our area
to Louisville, Kentucky, where they presented a large check from us to the Fund.
They also had a lot of fun along the way!

1legacy run 2009.jpg dscn0136.jpg dscn0137.jpg dscn0138.jpg dscn0143.jpg
dscn0146.jpg dscn0151.jpg dscn0153.jpg dscn0156.jpg dscn0160.jpg
dscn0161.jpg dscn0164.jpg dscn0168.jpg dscn0172.jpg dscn0173.jpg
dscn0175.jpg dscn0179.jpg dscn0184.jpg dscn0187.jpg dscn0235.jpg
dscn0239.jpg dscn0253.jpg dscn0254.jpg dscn0256.jpg dscn0275.jpg

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