The Annual S.A.L. Car Show
September 19, 2009

The S.A.L. held its annual car and motorcycle show again and had a fantastic turnout.
Everyone who entered or just came to check out the cars and bikes enjoyed themselves.

dscn6187.jpg dscn6188.jpg dscn6190.jpg dscn6193.jpg dscn6194.jpg
dscn6194-1.jpg dscn6194-2.jpg dscn6194-4.jpg dscn6194-6.jpg dscn6194-7.jpg
dscn6194-8.jpg dscn6195.jpg dscn6196.jpg dscn6198.jpg dscn6199-2.jpg
dscn6200.jpg dscn6201.jpg dscn6202.jpg dscn6203.jpg dscn6204.jpg
dscn6205.jpg dscn6207.jpg dscn6208.jpg dscn6209.jpg dscn6211.jpg


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