Toys for Tots
December 2009

Wow! What a great season for the Toys for Tots campaign. It started with a raffle for a bushel and
baskets of cheer that raised a tremendous amount of money, 100 % of which went to the campaign.
Santa Pat and helpers went on a spending spree for gifts for the kids.
The Boy Scouts also were involved with donations.
The Marine Corps picked all the goodies up in a huge van. Way to go!

01.jpg 03_19a.jpg 04_20a.jpg 05_21a.jpg 06_22a.jpg
07_23a.jpg dsc001.jpg dsc002.jpg dsc003.jpg dsc02526.jpg
dsc02527.jpg dsc02528.jpg dsc02529.jpg dsc02531.jpg dsc02532.jpg
dsc02535.jpg dsc02537.jpg dsc02538.jpg dsc02542.jpg dsc02545.jpg

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