Costume Karaoke
October 29, 2010

Wow! At our second Karaoke Night at the Post, bunches of folks came in costume to celebrate Halloween.
Prizes were awarded to Joe (1st place), Nick (2nd place), and Val (3rd place) for best costume.
Look for our next get-together!

dscn3295.jpg dscn3295-1.jpg dscn3296.jpg dscn3297.jpg dscn3298.jpg
dscn3299.jpg dscn3300.jpg dscn3305.jpg dscn3306.jpg dscn3307.jpg
dscn3309.jpg dscn3311.jpg dscn3311-1.jpg dscn3313.jpg dscn3315.jpg
dscn3318.jpg dscn3319.jpg dscn3322.jpg dscn3325.jpg dscn3326.jpg
dscn3331.jpg dscn3332.jpg dscn3335.jpg dscn3337.jpg dscn3337-1.jpg


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