Auxiliary Christmas Party
December 15, 2010

The Auxiliary had a "non-meeting" the night of December 15, 2010.
Instead, they had a Christmas party and gift exchange.
Think you can tell who's been naughty and nice by looking at the pictures?

dscn6514.jpg dscn6515.jpg dscn6516.jpg dscn6517.jpg dscn6518.jpg
dscn6519.jpg dscn6520.jpg dscn6521.jpg dscn6523.jpg dscn6524.jpg
dscn6524-1.jpg dscn6525.jpg dscn6527.jpg dscn6528.jpg dscn6529.jpg
dscn6531.jpg dscn6532.jpg dscn6533.jpg dscn6534.jpg dscn6535.jpg


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