Christmas Eve Get-Together
December 24, 2010

We had a huge number of the Post's Family members who came out during the holidays
for a great social evening at the Post. We had an open bar and
more finger foods than could be eaten in one evening of fun.

dscn3528.jpg dscn3528-1.jpg dscn3529.jpg dscn3530.jpg dscn3531.jpg
dscn3534.jpg dscn3535.jpg dscn3543.jpg dscn3544.jpg dscn3545.jpg
dscn3546.jpg dscn3547.jpg dscn3548.jpg dscn3550.jpg dscn3550-1.jpg
dscn3551.jpg dscn3551-1.jpg   dscn3552.jpg dscn3553.jpg


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