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Zen and the art of motorcycle patriotism

Rapid growth in the number of American Legion Riders across the country has led to questions about how to properly fly the U.S. Flag from a motorcycle.  U.S. Flag Code does not address motorcycle display of Old Glory. However, using guidelines established by the code, The American Legion's National Americanism Commission offers these suggestions:

  • If the U.S. Flag is flown alone, it must be displayed at the center, or at the rider's right side.

  • Any other flags - other countries, POW flags, service branch, etc. - should be displayed to the rider's left. Those flags can be the same size as the U.S. Flag or smaller.

  • For safety, it is recommended that any and all flags be flown from the back of a motorcycle.

Reprinted from the December 2006 - Legion Magazine

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