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Blue Star Service Banners

There are few causes more important to those of us in The American Legion, than supporting our Military and their families, both during and after times of war. One way we show our support is through the free distribution of Blue Star Service Banners that celebrate and honor the families of America’s service men and women.

Ninety years ago, Army Capt. Robert L. Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry had two sons serving in Europe. He wanted to show his pride in what his sons were doing, so he designed a simple banner consisting of a white field surrounded with a red border. On the white field, up to 5 blue stars would be placed to indicate the number of family members that were serving in the war theater.

The Following was read into the Congressional Record by an Ohio Congressman on Sept. 24, 1917: “…the Mayor of Cleveland, the Chamber of Commerce and the Governor of Ohio have adopted this service flag. The world should know of those who give so much for liberty. The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother - their children.”

During World War I and II, Blue Star Service Banners were widely displayed but soon fell out of favor. After September 11, 2001, The American Legion pledged to rekindle the spirit of pride in our military by providing Blue Star Service Banners to the families of active duty members.

The Blue Star Service Banner is displayed in the front window of a home and shows a families pride in their loved one’s service to this Country to include the National Guard and Reserves on active service. It also acts as a reminder to the community that preserving America’s freedom and way of life, demands sacrifice from not only the service person, but their family as well.

If you would like a Blue Star Service Banner, please provide us with your address and phone number, and the names(s) of the family member(s). A Post Officer will deliver the Blue Star Banner to your home.

A special Blue Star Banner Corporate Flag is available for companies that have employees that have been called to active duty. If you have an interest to show your companies pride in your employees service, please contact us.

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